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Smithtown IAB is very proud to present Mr. Tylar Vigliarolo who graduated from Smithtown

East in 2013 as our Member Spotlight for Winter 2021. While at Smithtown HS he was an avid

participant in the School of Business. He participated in several Business Olympics and his team took 3 rd place one of those years; he was a member of DECA during his HS years and he took part in annual DECA competitions, and he was also the Vice-President for Marketing in the Virtual Enterprise class during his Senior year, stepping into the role of Acting President’s role during 2 nd Semester. Tylar also participated in multiple internship programs through the Career Center, including being chosen for a prestigious summer Internship with Citibank.

After graduating from Smithtown East in 2013 Tylar attended Towson University but then

transferred to Hofstra to complete his Bachelor’s in Business Management. During college he continued to give back to Smithtown students by mentoring DECA students and helping with the Virtual Enterprise programs during his spare time!

In addition, during his time at Hofstra Tylar did an Internship with the research pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in South Africa. There he shared his knowledge of the Industry Advisory Board concept and helped AstraZeneca become involved in helping youth in South Africa. Tylar started his professional career working for AstraZeneca after graduation. During his tenure at AstraZeneca he was given the opportunity to manage multiple international level projects that brought sustainable change to those most in need.

Currently, Tylar works for American Express as a Project Manager managing multiple digital

asset projects that help increase access to professional development opportunities. He has

always had a passion for his home & school community. He joined the Smithtown IAB as a business partner in 2018 and has been the Chairperson of the Young Professionals committee for the past 4 years. Tylar has been a part of the Smithtown Children Foundation since graduation. In addition he was appointed to the Next Generation Advisory Council for the Suffolk County Legislature. We are proud of our very own alum Tylar Vigliarolo, and the success he’s achieved during and after his years as a student in the Smithtown Schools. His “pay it forward” attitude has enhanced the education going on in Smithtown CTE Department over the years!

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