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HSW DECA States Competitors
HSW DECA States Competitors

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Business Olympics Winners 2021
Business Olympics Winners 2021

Top Placing Winners from the 2021 Business Olympics!

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Thank   you to everyone who attended our 45th Anniversary Party!

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Congratulations to Mrs.Grafstein on her retirement! You will truly be missed! And congratulations to Mr.Como who will be taking over for her! All the best!

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IAB Member Spotlight for Spring  2022

Veronica Bencivenga

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What is the IAB?

The Smithtown IAB is a group of dedicated partners who work with the students of Smithtown Schools to "ENHANCE" the valuable education already going on in the Classrooms of our District! 

The Smithtown Central School District's "Industry Advisory Board" is composed of representatives from the business, government, parental and the educational community. 

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Why Should you Join?

Why Should Business  Partners   Join?

Advisory Board Members have direct contact with students through participation in K-12 career fairs, classroom workshops and presentations.

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Advisory Board Members will participate in activities that will directly impact students
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Contact Smithtown IAB

For any inquiries, please call or email Mary Pat Grafstein,
Executive Director
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100 Central Road

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