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Smithtown Industry Advisory Board

Continuing to Make a Difference!


Mr. Philip Como

Smithtown IAB Executive Director


Ms. Lenore Paprocky

Smithtown IAB Business Chairperson

A Note from The IAB Executive Director-

The Smithtown Industry Advisory has been known for providing the connection between education and industry for over 45 years. As a new teacher coming from industry almost 28 years ago, I quickly realized that the connection to real world application of knowledge is the key to engaging our students to willing fully become involved in our programs and events. The experiential learning that occurs from all of the programs that we offer here, in the Smithtown IAB, brings true meaning to learning and builds professionalism amongst our students which has helped to maintain the over 200 industry member connections each year.  

A true leader does not just use a "top down" approach at delegating the tasks at hand, however, a true leader uses the strengths of their employees and empowers them by making sure that each and everyone of them feel valued in what they do. When a person feels that he/she is valued, the potential for success is limitless.  This year our theme is based on this concept of "Empowerment." The Smithtown Industry Advisory Board is here to provide the resources so that all of our committee leaders, industry members and students are empowered to reach the mission goals of their individual committee.

Why is the Smithtown IAB so important? 

For the past 45 years the Smithtown IAB has helped to "write the success stories" of so many of our Smithtown graduates. Our Smithtown Alumni often tell their stories of how the Smithtown IAB helped them focus on a career pathway and how networking, through the IAB, enabled them to get the internship that propelled them to success. The impressive list of alumni that are doctors, lawyers, IT executives, and successful entrepreneurs, just to name a few, is exhaustive. They all have come back to the IAB willing to share their stories and help our current students, "write their success stories."  We welcome you all to join us and experience what we can achieve if we all work together as partners. 


The Latest News...2023-2024


Smithtown Rotary Scholarship
Jacqueline Caulin - HSW
Melisssa Sullivan - HSE
M&T Bank Scholarship
Reese Jurman - HSW
Rokslana Shvets - HSE
Nancy Rasmussen IAB Memorial Scholarship
Jessica Alexander - HSW
Allison Tawil - HSE
School  of Business Scholarship
James Cardullo - - HSW
Julianna Nestor - HSE
Nesconset Chamber of Commerce
Emily Sang - HSE
Thomas Russo - HSW
ASBO Scholarship
Eric Milburn - HSE
Ryan Stiles - HSW

Thank you to all IAB members for another successful year!

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"Partnerships that Provide the Competitive Edge"

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