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Smithtown IAB

The Smithtown Central School District's "Industry Advisory Board" is composed of representatives from the business, government, parental and the educational community. The advisory board will meet six times a year for the following purposes:

  • Provide verbal and written support for educational projects.

  • Provide advice concerning labor market trends, equipment, materials and training methods.

  • Assist in creating new instructional materials.

  • Assist professional staff in updating knowledge and methods.

  • Participate in activities that directly impact students, i.e.: Cooperative Work Experience, School/Industry Partnerships, internships, mentors, guest speakers, field trips.

Benefits to Industry:

  • Advisory board members have direct contact with students through participation in K-12 career fairs, classroom workshops and presentations.

  • Gain community name recognition, reaching students, parents and educators.

  • Enhance your corporate image and corporate citizenship.

  • Invigorate your organization through diverse relationships.

  • Enhance your employee morale.

  • Connect to future employees.

  • Motivate your staff and enhance employee skills.

  • Create links with schools for internships.

  • Communicate industry needs/skills in the workplace.

  • Undertake joint projects, such as beta testing, at school site.


Benefits to Educators:

  • Update curriculum for 21st century workforce.

  • Teachers update their technological skills

  • School districts share resources with industry.

  • Students and faculty experience the changing work world.

  • Business becomes familiar with the challenges schools face.

  • Education becomes familiar with the world we are preparing our students to enter.

  • Involvement builds understanding;  Understanding builds support.


Since 1977, its inception, the Smithtown Industry Advisory Board has marked each year with a specific theme or organizational goal that reflected the issue(s) of the time.  As well as maintaining programs that supported the theme or goal of the year, each of the 8-10 IAB sub-committees worked on their own projects that connected industry, education, the community and the students.  From The School of Business committee that organizes real-life "Apprentice" styled business competitions to our Career Tracks committee that brings awareness of the need for more highly trained female workers in this ever changing economy, the Industry Advisory Board's diversity in its programs is its greatest strength.

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