Yearly Projects/Focus:


2005- "Showing the Opportunities"


2004- Career and Technical Endorsements


2003- Benchmarking Business and Education Standards


2002- 25th Anniversary - "Harmony in Business and Education."


2001- Careers for the 21st Century


2000- "Making Academics Count"


1999- "Imagine the Possibilities" - Preparing for the 21st Century!


1998- The New Learning Standards


1997- 20th Anniversary of Partners in Education


1996- School of Business


1995- Industry and Parents Partnership


1994- School-To-Work Transition Focus


1993- Career Pathways/Workforce Prep


1992- "The Changing Nature of Work - It's Impact Upon Education", and "Report Card from Industry on  Education".


1991- Explored the "New Compact for Learning."


1990- Creation of the "Employer Expectations Guide."


1989- Creation of "Career Planning Guide" for parents/students.


1988- Support for the nine period day at the high school.


1987- Creation and support for the "Senior Employment Seminar"

1986- Initiation of the School - Industry Partnership Program


1985- Work Attitudes, Ethics and Safety Training


1984- Programs for Youth at Risk


1983- The Regents Action Plan and its Impact upon the Schools


1982- Work Attitudes, Ethics, Safety


1981- Mathematics in the Workplace


1980- Business Education Curriculum and Equipment Update


1979- Creation of "Career Day" Program


1978- Support of Cooperative Work Experience


1977- Creation of the Industry Advisory Board