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2022 Smithtown IAB Fall/Winter Honors

IAB Member Spotlight for Fall/Winter  2022

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Smithtown IAB Member of the Month
Mrs. Maria Frey

Smithtown IAB Committee  
of the Month
Mrs. Mindy Lampert

Mrs. Denise Massimo

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Smithtown IAB Student Ambassador of the Month
Sophia Barazani


2022 Smithtown IAB Spring Honors

IAB Member Spotlight for Spring  2022

Veronica Bencivenga


Our IAB Spotlight is on Veronica Bencivenga – owner of Duck Donuts. Veronica is

a small business owner, wife and mother of three in Smithtown whose family

brought Duck Donuts to Long Island in 2018.  Veronica has brought success to the

many companies she has worked for over the last twenty years and now strives to

do the same for her family's new small business.  After graduating college with an

accounting degree Veronica went into Public Accounting, earned her CPA and

then went on to hold many Executive Level financial positions in the Healthcare


On a personal note, Veronica is an active community member donating her time

and resources over the years through PTA Committees, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts

and now supporting a wide variety organizations throughout Suffolk County

through her family's small business, Duck Donuts. Soon after the health crisis

came calling, Bencivenga knew she needed to expand marketing efforts to let

customers know that Duck Donuts was still alive and quacking. She set up a

partnership with ShopRite of Hauppauge to sell the franchise’s sweet offerings in

the supermarket for a couple of months.

From multi-million dollar start-ups to running Girl Scout events and everything in

between, Veronica enjoys engaging people to help them achieve personal and

professional success.  She brings all her energy, skills and enthusiasm to whatever

she sets her sights on. She has been a volunteer Partner in the Smithtown IAB for

over 5 years and is always available to help out when asked.

Veronica is the Co-Chair of the Business Committee on the Smithtown IAB and

works closely with us to enhance the education going on in our Business classes.

We are so happy to have her guidance and expertise and we know we can always

count on her business knowledge to help us out.

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